Kinder places expanded for Clyde

A concept drawing of the Clyde Township Family and Community Centre (interim name) community room. Note: design subject to change.

Bass MP Jordan Crugnale has announced a $2 million Building Blocks grant towards the construction of the new Clyde Township Family and Community Centre (interim name) at 350 Clyde Five Ways Road, Clyde.

This project has been fast-tracked from the recent Building Blocks – Capacity stream grants round to help create more places for local children as soon as possible.

The project includes the design and construction of a new integrated Family and Community Centre in the growth corridor of Clyde, which will integrate a range of services, including maternal and child health services, three and four-year-old kindergarten and spaces for the wider community.

It will allow the kindergarten to offer 99 new licenced kindergarten places helping to meet the rising demand in this fast growing area.

It comes as the State Government rolls out its planned three-year-old kinder program over the next decade.

As part of this rollout, the government is upgrading infrastructure through a $1.68 billion co-investment with the early childhood sector to build and expand kindergarten facilities across the state.

“We’re proud to be boosting early childhood services in Clyde – because we know how important the early years are in setting our kids up for the rest of their lives,” Ms Crugnale said.

“This location is fantastic as well, right next to Clyde Primary School which is undergoing a major expansion.

“This new centre will provide a range of services, activities and programs including maternal and child health, three and four-year-old kinder and community spaces.”