Nathan’s novella a ‘thrilling’ achievement

Nathan Bone, now a published author, with his novella 'Night of Deceit'. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS 245192_03

By Danielle Kutchel

They say everyone has one book in them – and for one Clyde North man that book is now out and in the hands of bookworms around the world.

Nathan Bone has just published his first novella, ‘Night of Deceit’, after taking inspiration from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that he wrote and played with a group of friends.

The novella follows a group of guests, all of whom know each other in various ways, who attend a party in their honour.

The guests soon learn that their host has other plans for them – and the story takes a thrilling turn.

Nathan said had long thought about putting pen to paper and had played around with different ideas in the past, but hadn’t fully committed to any of them until now.

With Night of Deceit now officially out there for all to read, he’s already planning a number of sequels to bring the series to a total of four books.

Now able to add ‘author’ to his name, Nathan said the accomplishment is “one of the most thrilling parts” of his life.

“I am thoroughly enjoying hearing feedback from those that have read my book,” he said.

The process wasn’t without its challenges, of course.

Being self-published means it’s up to Nathan to spot any errors in the text, from plot holes to typos.

Then there was the need to make sure what he was writing was interesting to readers as well.

“Writing the story itself is probably the easiest part,” he said.

“One of the biggest challenges … is making sure that the content of the story would be thrilling to read from cover to cover; ensuring that the reader will want to keep reading, even in the slower points of the story.”

All up, the writing process took him about four months thanks to the head start of having already written the bare bones for Dungeons and Dragons.

This was followed by another four months of adjusting and editing, the author explained.

“Juggling everyday work and responsibilities certainly impacted this time,” he said.

But it’s worth it now to see his dream in print.

Nathan encouraged other budding writers to follow their passion too.

“Keep writing and don’t rush,” he advised.

“Sometimes, taking a break for a day or a month can help you come up with the best way to write your story.”

Night of Deceit is available on as a paperback and as an eBook.

It is also available for free on the Kindle Unlimited subscription service.

To find out more about Nathan and his works, follow ‘Nathan Bone, Author’ on Facebook and Instagram.