Catholic schools celebrate new facilities

Bishop Greg Bennet and Maria Kirkwood unveil the plaque at Thomas the Apostle Primary School. Picture: SUPPLIED

Two Catholic schools in Cranbourne are celebrating the opening of their new learning spaces.

The Catholic Bishop of Sale, Most Reverend Gregory Bennet, visited two Catholic schools on Thursday 15 July to bless and formally open the schools’ updated learning facilities.

At St Agatha’s Primary School in Cranbourne, the Bishop was joined by the director of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Sale, Maria Kirkwood, and Parish Priest Fr Joseph Abutu, to celebrate the completion of 14 new learning areas, the refurbishment of the junior school’s learning spaces, a new two-level building and a dedicated administration area.

The principal of St Agatha’s, Terry Cahill, said the renovations were needed to cater for the growing number of students at the school.

“We want to ensure every child in our care has the space and resources they need to reach their full potential,” he said.

“The new open learning areas will encourage students to engage with their peers in a collaborative environment,” he said.

Afterwards, Bishop Bennet and Ms Kirkwood joined the school community at St Thomas the Apostle Primary School in Cranbourne East to bless and open the extension of the school’s multi-purpose building, which houses six new general learning areas.

Kate Dourley, the principal of St Thomas the Apostle, said the school’s facilities continue to evolve to meet the needs of students and staff.

“We are blessed to have state-of-the-art learning facilities. I look forward to seeing our staff and students make the most of their new resources as they continue to learn and grow in the love of God,” she said.

Ms Kirkwood said Catholic education continues to flourish in the Diocese of Sale.

“By creating modern, engaging learning areas and updating the facilities for students and staff, St Agatha’s and St Thomas’ are promoting excellence in a safe and inclusive environment,” Ms Kirkwood said.

The building projects at both schools were jointly funded by the Australian Government, under the Capital Grants Program, and the school communities.