Luna eclipses competition to take top name spot

Have you met a cute and fluffy Luna this year?

Do you know a good doggo or fluffy kitty named Luna?

If so, it seems you might be in the majority, with new data from The Lost Dogs’ Home revealing Luna was the most popular name for both dogs and cats in 2020.

‘Charlie’ also featured strongly as another popular name for pets of both the canine and feline variety.

The Home’s spokesperson Suzana Talevski said there were a number of reasons why owners settled on particular names.

“There doesn’t appear to have any real science behind it but there are some common elements that come up when adopters choose names for their new family members,” said Ms Talevski.

“Sometimes it is a personal and emotional connection to a name, sometimes it is a pop culture reference that plays a big influence and sometimes it is a case of our passions and hobbies.

“And they often tell a story about the people, places, and stories that defined our year.”

Ms Talevski said whatever the reasons may be, The Home was grateful for the outpour of community support that animals received in 2020 with the North Melbourne and Cranbourne shelters officially recording their biggest adoption numbers in five years.

“A massive thank you to everyone who opened up their heart and home to some of the state’s most vulnerable animals this year. The Lost Dogs’ Home is hopeful all those animals adopted will be part of their

new families for life not just for the holidays,” she said.

Top pet names 2020


1. Luna

2. Charlie

3. Max

4. Rocky

5. Tie between Rosie and Poppy


1. Luna

2. Pepper

3. Lulu

4. Charlie

5. Tie between Lily and Mia

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