Whizz kid an academic star

Julian Chua,8,can keep pace with those in Year 8 when it comes to maths and English.

Despite being eight years old, Julian Chua he can outpace those entering high school when it comes to maths and English.

Julian, who is in Year 2 in primary school, comfortably studies Kumon Maths and English at the Year 8 level. In Kumon Maths, Julian is tackling inequalities and in English he studying extracts of The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. He is enrolled at Kumon Hampton Park Education Centre.

Kumon is an individualised maths and English tuition programme where children study at their own pace. Advanced students’ abilities are adequately stretched and those who may be struggling are given the time they need to consolidate their learning.

“So long as a child continues to enjoy and love learning I don’t believe there should be a limit on it”, says Angel Chua, Julian’s mother.

As Julian is so far ahead, he has been invited to the upcoming Advanced Student Forum, which will be held at the Melbourne Park Function Centre on Sunday 11 November.

Under the theme of ‘Celebrating tomorrow’s problem solvers’ this event commemorates the achievements progressed through Kumon to five years ahead of their school grade level and of those who’ve completed a Kumon Programme.

Attendees will hear from Lily Serna, a renowned Australian mathematician and television presenter.

Julian says he feels proud of being five years ahead in Kumon and of being invited to the upcoming forum.

“I’ve never been this far ahead in Kumon and never get to learn things this much,” Julian says.

Julian aspires to be an engineer when he grows up. Angel says Kumon has not only helped him in his academics but helped Julian develop essential personal traits.

“Kumon has given Julian confidence at school and has developed his resilience, determination and perseverance”, she says.

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