Helping women help themselves

Samantha Jansen is on a mission to help other women find their inner strength and empowerment. 164321 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Victoria Stone-Meadows

A Cranbourne woman is on a personal mission to help women in the region and beyond find empowerment within themselves and help them to become influential leaders.
Samantha Jansen is working with other women on a collaborative book that aims to give women the necessary tools to find their inner strength.
The book, entitled She Leads, will be organised into three categories of Influence, Empowerment, and Wealth so women can work on a particular aspect of themselves they want to explore.
“At the end of last year, the idea came to me and currently I have about eight authors on board,” she said.
“We really want to create more than a book; there will be work book for every author as well that women can use as a checklist.”
Ms Jansen believes that the more work and effort she can put into the project, the more her audience will get out of it.
“You have to give them a lot of value so they can feel like each chapter resonates with them and they can explore those sides,” she said.
Along with launching the book in July, Ms Jansen is hoping to organise a one-off motivational seminar for women in the area with contributing authors as speakers and motivators.
“We are all Australian women influencing Australian women,” she said.
“It’s a very Australian based project and I am hoping to have a one-day event on October where the authors can connect with the women and take them on a journey.”
Ms Jansen is a business consultant and single mum of two kids who decided that this year was going to be the year she helped other women discover what they were capable of.
“I was a single mum with a three-year-old and new born and I asked myself what do I do?
“I started my business four years ago and started a consulting with businesses using the skills I have because I didn’t want to go back to my corporate job in the city.”
“I started to work on my personal self to find out who I am.
“I was 27-years-old with two kids wondering what I was doing and that’s where I discovered I was passionate about helping women wondering who they are and what they stand for.”
Ms Jansen said she has found a lot of meaning in what she is doing and is very excited to get her empowering women project up and running.
“The more I work the more I have realised I can do this and make an impact and there is always a better way,” she said.
“When the idea first struck me I had to ask myself why am I not doing this? Why just toy with the idea?”
Ms Jansen is looking to have the book finished and launched in July this year once all contributing authors have finished their portions of the project.
“It is a good one-year project but if I can tell women out there anything it is that there is something to look forward to.”