Club takes all on board

By Bridget Cook
The club has obtained a courtesy bus to take players home after functions and home games, as well as pick up junior players who need transport.
The bus, which seats about 10 people, was donated by a club sponsor, Doug from Melbourne Central Prestige.
Devon Meadows Football Club committee member Warren Magdziarz said the club got the bus for a number of reasons.
“It was initially thought a good idea as part of our responsible serving of alcohol,” he said.
“Instead of players possibly getting behind the wheel after drinking, they can jump on the bus.
“The van will be used for taking people home every hour for free. One committee member will be the designated driver each week.
“Also more people will come along to our function if they know they can get home.”
Mr Magdziarz said the bus was also part of their plan to lose the perception that people have of footy clubs, by making it very family orientated.
“Once a month after training on Thursday nights we have a partner night, where all players bring their wives and kids for a meal,” he said.
“There are kids’ activities such as face painting, colouring in and egg and spoon races.
“All families are encouraged to the game on Saturdays as we have these activities while the guys are playing.”