Phil’s team made of the ‘Wright’ stuff

The winners, this time at Corinella, were Phil Wright, Margaret Hoy, Pauline McWilliams and Max Summers. 375583 Pictures: SUPPLIED

A huge contingent of 42 bowlers from the South West Gippsland Midweek Bowling Group (SWGMBG) headed to Corinella on Thursday on a magnificent day for lawn bowls.

What a day it was, with the weather looking perfect and the company also exceptional, as the players matched their skills in the weekly challenge.

The bowling once again was excellent with almost no wrong-bias bowls.

There was still some happy laughter around the green as some players tried their best to keep up with the high quality on offer.

Once again, we thank Peter, Pauline and John for their hard work each week.

And to Phil in the bar and Gwen in the kitchen.

This week’s winners on 36 points were Phil Wright (S), Margaret Hoy (3), Pauline McWilliams (2) and Max Summers (L).

Runners up on 34 points were Peter McWilliams/Lindsay Russell (Co-Skips), Raff Merante (33) and Claire Sheers (L).

Best One Game winners on 21 points were John Nicholson (S), Luke Monckton (3) and Cheryl Floyd (L).

This week the bowlers in the SWGMBG will be heading to San Remo.

If everyone who is playing could be on site by 10am, to allow time for Peter to work his magic in getting the teams set up, that would be greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, have a great week and to all our pennant players we hope you have a good weekend of playing.

-Laurie Bell-