After a long break; Walker walks back a winner

Eight-year-old Maverick Katz shows the style of a future star for Kooweerup. 371401 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


Kooweerup rolled out the red carpet for Baxter in round five of Tuesday Pennant bowls and sent the visitors packing after a 53-47 victory.

In a close finish, Trevor Kitchin, Margaret Royle, Jill Roissetter and Bryan Walker (in his first game for a season and a half) had a narrow 17-14 win.

There must have been something in the drink of Jim Jenkins, Charles Poulsen, Pauline Gray and Joe Barlow who turned last weeks’ loss into a 24-12 win.

But it was not so good news for Joy Jenkins, Betty King, Jacqui Butera and Cam Davey who were comfortably defeated 12-21.

Kooweerup had another game of Friday Triples competition on 17 November with the winning rink for the day being Trevor Kitchin, Ken White (Longwarry) and Noel Speight (Kooweerup) with 37 points.

Another “branch” of the family was runners pp, they being Neville and Kevin Kitchin, John Williams (Lang Lang) on 35 points.

Best first game was won by Vince Bevilacqua, Luis Aguilar and Michael Jones (Pakenham) with 19 points and 15 shots up with the best second game going to Ned Courtin, Ken Clifton (Pakenham) and Tina Courtin (Carrum) on 17 points and 8 shots up.

Most touches were again won by the chocolate fiend Roger Balment (Korumburra) with 10 touches.

There was a mixed bag of results for round six of Saturday Pennant with Division 8 having a dominating 81-33 win at Blue Hills (never easy) but a 28-58 loss for Division 9 at home to Yamala Park.

At Blue Hills Kooweerup collected maximum points with the three rinks all winning.

It took a while (11th end) for Brett Condron, Peter Butera, Bec Watts (birthday girl) and Daniel Price to get the lead but then they went on to win 23-9.

Right from the start we could see that it was going to be a good day for Steven Jenkins (having a day out), Ian Richardson, Jimi Watts and Jim Jenkins.

Then the “Jenkins cheer squad” arrived and there was no stopping them winning 36-12.

Finally, after hitting the lead on the 11th end, Wayne Stevens, Rob Matthews, Rex Alexander and Jacqui Butera increased the pressure winning 22-12.

The learning process continues for Division 9, losing 28-58.

Both rinks lost by similar margins with Margaret Royle, Gary King, Peter Stevens and Erin Price (another birthday girl) beaten 12-25.

The rink of Tim Katz, Cam Davey, Mav Katz and Mel Alexander lost their game 16-33.

Keep persevering, because it will turnaround for this team soon.

-Rex Alexander-