‘They’ve seen my potential’: Help for school students

Nineteen talented female students were the lucky recipients of this year's Harding Miller Education Foundation scholarships.

By Emma Xerri

Nineteen female high school students across the south east have been awarded Harding Miller Education Foundation scholarships to support and empower them in their educational pursuits.

Given to female public school students who show high academic potential and who are currently experiencing low socioeconomic circumstances, the scholarships serve to support the students as they navigate the crucial secondary schooling years of 9-12.

Among the fortunate recipients are students from local schools Gleneagles Secondary College, Hampton Park Secondary College and Nossal High School.

“The Harding Miller scholarship has brought tremendous blessings and resources into my academic life,” Hampton Park Secondary College student Zeba Mohseni said.

“My parents are from a refugee background and are both migrants that came from a war-torn country.

“They didn’t have the opportunities that I have now.

“I will use this scholarship to increase my chances of getting into my dream selective school and to study medicine… to get a job as a doctor.

“I am so grateful that they’ve seen my potential.”

The 15 students from these three schools, along with the remaining recipients, will receive four years of scholarship support valued at over $20,000.

This includes a high-quality laptop in the first year as well as four years of online IT support, high-speed internet, $2500 worth of online or face to face tutoring, online homework help, and prepaid expense cards for essential school needs such as uniforms, textbooks, and school excursions.

Each scholar is also allocated a personal coach who supports and guides them through the four years of the program, as well as access to a variety of enrichment programs that aim to introduce scholars to a range of career and tertiary education pathways.

Foundation chief operations officer Caroline Hill says the foundation is proud to be providing vital support to help promising young girls reach their full potential, having supported more than 1200 recipients in over 350 public schools since its inception in 2015.

“Our scholarship recipients are bright, talented and engaged, but don’t currently have the resources they need to make the most of their educational opportunities,” Ms Hill said.

“The scholarship provides them with tangible items and practical things that give these young women a hand to complete their high-school education and take advantage of tertiary opportunities.

“This support for high-potential young girls experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage has become even more critical as our country faces increased pressures with higher costs of living.

“But our scholarships offer more than just a financial boost. Our scholars are also paired with a volunteer coach who provides them with mentorship throughout the year.

“This support can often be the difference between continuing education or dropping out for an uncertain future.

“We encourage any other local young girls who may need support to consider applying for a Harding Miller Education Foundation scholarship this year.”

Applications for scholarships for 2025 ar open from 15 July to 18 September 2024.

For more information, visit hardingmillereducationfoundation.org.au