Seven pairs of twins enrolled at Hampton Park Secondary College

Seven sets of twins, back row, Kaiysah, Mikayla, Melanie, Mariahna, Jared, Desmond and Sienna; front row, Makyiah, Taya, Candice, Keira, Amberlee, Kaino and Shanita. Photos: STEWART CHAMBERS

The Year 7 cohort of Hampton Park Secondary College (HPSC) is one for the books as seven pairs of twins are enrolled.

Two sets of twins are identical with the other five pairs being fraternal twins.

The unexpected phenomenon has sparked a sense of wonder and togetherness among both students and educators, promising a memorable class of 2029.

College transitions leader, Brad Andrews expressed his amazement at the unlikely statistic, stating “In my years as an educator, I have never witnessed such a concentration of twins in a single year level. It’s truly a special occurrence that adds a distinctive touch to our school’s history.”

HPSC’s administration has taken action to ensure that each twin is recognised as an individual, separating them into different mentor groups but keeping siblings in the same house group.

This will hopefully allow each twin to develop individually, whilst also making sure that their parents can support them both by rocking their respective house colours on athletics days.

The seven sets of twins are sure to leave an indelible mark on the school’s legacy, creating memories and friendships that will endure long after they graduate.