Clearing the planning backlog


The State Government has approved more than 40 per cent of planning permit applications for townhouses and apartments in Casey since handing down its Housing Statement.

The government has cleared 44.7 per cent of the 1400 planning permit applications for townhouses or apartments which had been sitting for more than six months waiting for a decision, including 17 permit applications for townhouses or apartments in Casey, with 21 applications remaining.

In Cardinia, the government has approved six out of the 16 applications awaiting approval.

In total, the approved developments represent 2826 new dwellings across the state.

The State Government has also begun clearing the path for more housing by fast-tracking approvals, turning well-located underused land into quality housing that’s close to public transport, jobs and critical services.

The work has been the focus of a dedicated team working with project proponents, local councils, and referral agencies to resolve issues delaying council decision-making – to avoid projects ending up in VCAT and to get homes built.

Premier Jacinta Allan said having planning applications sitting dormant would not help anyone.

“Since September, we’ve already cleared over half the backlog so more Victorians can live close to great jobs, public transport and services,” she said.

“Just at this one location, you can see how we are clearing the permits backlog, clearing the pathway for new housing, and building more social and affordable housing across Victoria.”