Wilden’s win

Ms Wilden's late dog, Hamill. 264844_01 Picture: SUPPLIED

By Marcus Uhe

Hallam’s Jane Wilden has been offered a 50 per cent refund on her pet registration fee after raising awareness of confusion with regards to City of Casey’s policy on deceased pets.

Ms Wilden’s dog Hamill was laid to rest in December last year just shy of his 12th birthday but Ms Wilden was not eligible for a refund because he died after the cut-off period.

City of Casey policy states that no refund is offered if the pet dies after 10 October.

Owners with animals that die between 10 June and 10 October are entitled to a 50 per cent refund while a 100 per cent is available if the animal dies before 10 June.

Ms Wilden claims that this change in policy was not documented on the dog registration renewal form and received a rude shock when she requested a refund of her $58.50 fee following the passing of Hamill last year.

“It’s not my fault that the dog passed way in December,” Ms Wilden said.

Safer Communities Manager at City of Casey Daniel Osborne showed compassion towards Ms Wilden’s situation.

“We understand that the loss of a pet is a difficult time and we have contacted the resident to offer a refund in this circumstance,” Mr Osborne said.

“The refunding process and timelines will be reviewed next year when Council’s Domestic Animals Plan is up for review.”

Mr Osborne said the council’s website has been updated to make the refund deadline clearer for residents.

Pet registration fees are due 10 April each year for City of Casey residents.

The fees help council provide pet-related and animal management services like investigating dog attacks, collecting and returning stray animals to their owners, discount microchipping days and engaging in community education around responsible pet ownership.

More information on pet registrations can be found at casey.vic.gov.au/cancel-your-pet-registration