Looking ahead with hope

Pauline Richards.

This Christmas feels different to so many before. This time of year, and its characteristic spirit of generosity, togetherness and altruism has certainly endured. Perhaps this is because this Christmas feels like it’s been earned through the sacrifice and resilience of ourselves as individuals and as a community.

I would like to thank you all as members of the Cranbourne community and acknowledge that it has been incredibly difficult for so many of us. What sets us apart in Cranbourne is a distinctive altruism and hope that comes from our diversity of strengths, passions, and backgrounds. It is this hope that helped to establish Cranbourne’s roots so many years ago, and it is these aspirations that continues to shape Cranbourne into the bright, hopeful community that we see demonstrated every day.

It is also this care for our neighbours and the desire to protect our community that has contributed to Cranbourne’s enthusiastic uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Every person in this community, myself included, could not express our thanks for the frontline healthcare workers, emergency personnel, community support groups, schoolteachers and school staff, delivery drivers, non-government organisations, transport workers, security guards, supermarket staff and so many more that have helped get us through these past 18 months. You are heroes that deserve to be remembered as those who risked so much in service of your community.

I hope some rest over summer.

Victoria is incredibly well-placed for a strong and enduring economic recovery. With the flourishing of small business, the return of live events and live music, seeing friends and family and the return of life as we know it, comes new opportunities for innovation alongside cultural and social growth.

This Christmas, there’s something both new and familiar about our reminiscence of the months past and our anticipation of the future. As Victoria continues to recover, our community’s hope, generosity and strength continues to guide us.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas, prosperous new year and all the opportunity to enjoy summer.

Pauline Richards MP

Member for Cranbourne