College unveils 2022 student leaders

Cranbourne campus leaders. Picture: SUPPLIED

St. Peter’s College has unveiled its 2022 College Student Leaders.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic forcing a change to normal processes, the college has undertaken online training, mentoring, application and voting for the new leaders..

The new leaders will be asked to inspire, influence and impact in their roles, and are called on to:

– demonstrate a commitment to serve the college community at every opportunity

– display a commitment to be an effective team player

– make a commitment to leave the college in a better place than they found it

– possess a passion to develop student voice

– be that positive influence on those that you meet

St. Peter’s College principal Chris Black acknowledged the “outstanding contribution” of the school’s 2021 leadership cohort.

“Leadership is most sought and noticed in times of adversity. The Covid-19 pandemic has asked much of everyone but especially our student leaders,” he said.

“They have demonstrated passion, creativity and commitment to care for and reach out to others, particularly our student community.

“They have been the servant leaders that we asked and challenged them to be. I thank each and every leader for their authentic commitment in serving the needs of our community”.

He also thanked and congratulated students who participated in the year 11 leadership program, and said that in taking part, they had “recognised the value and importance of student leadership and student voice”.

Mr Black went on to congratulate the new 2022 student leaders.

On the school’s Leadership Training Day, Mr Black said he had “challenged those applying for student leadership positions to, through your actions, inspire, influence and impact.”

“I have every confidence these leaders will achieve just that,” he said.

The 2022 student leaders are:

College Captain – Female: Gia Donaire (Clyde North Campus) and Giovanna Lorenzin (Cranbourne Campus)

College Captain – Male: Dominic Rode (Clyde North Campus) and Johnny Tavana (Cranbourne Campus)

Liturgy Captain: Bridget Mascurine (Clyde North Campus) and Madelynne D’Alberto (Cranbourne Campus)

Social Justice Captain: Melissa Lingaya (Clyde North Campus) and Jorja Roscoe (Cranbourne Campus)

Arts Captain: Diya Vnod (Clyde North Campus) and Cha Jewel (Cranbourne Campus)

Environment Captain: Thomas Sabelino (Clyde North Campus) and Alyssa Holmes-Smith (Cranbourne Campus)

Sports Captain – Female: Deliza Mant (Clyde North Campus) and Breanna Caples (Cranbourne Campus)

Sports Captain – Male: Hashan Collurage (Clyde North Campus) and Matthew Ludlow (Cranbourne Campus)