Lynbrook celebrates Anzac bravery

Left to right: Abhijot Bhinder, Shaelyse Frazer, Cassie Dell and Senuth Randeni Pidunwatthage with the handmade wreaths.

By Danielle Kutchel

Lynbrook Primary School has paid tribute to our fallen Anzacs with a number of special activities.

Each year level at the school made a wreath for a special Anzac assembly, with all students contributing a part to the touching circles.

Students also put on a play about Anzac Day to help each other learn about what’s gone before.

According to grade four teacher Narelle Smith, the play helped teach the students about the history of Anzac Day and allowed them to show respect for those who went to war.

“The focus of our play was not so much glorifying war but celebrating the bravery of people who were prepared to go,” she said.

She added that each year level explores Anzac Day in a different way through classroom activities.

Some year levels use Anzac Day-themed books to drive the conversation, including a popular one that tells the story of a teddy bear that went to war with a soldier.

“This makes it accessible to them,” Ms Smith said.

Her class studied the Rats of Tobruk and the Second World War, dramatizing a book called ‘The Anzac Tree’ and allowing students to act out each part.

“It surprised me how silent and respectful the children in the audience were. They were quite engaged with the play,” Ms Smith said.

Students laid their handmade wreaths on a memorial cenotaph at the school, and had a minute’s silence as well as a sounding of the Last Post at a full school assembly.

“It was completely run by our student leaders from start to finish,” Ms Smith said.

“Teachers took a step back. Student ownership is really important.”