Site revealed for fire station

MPs join FRV to announce the site.

By Danielle Kutchel

Clyde North will soon have its own FRV fire station, with the State Government revealing the chosen site for the service.

On Wednesday 7 April, Fire Rescue Commissioner Ken Block joined Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services Paul Edbrooke MP, Bass MP Jordan Crugnale and Cranbourne MP Pauline Richards at the chosen parcel of land.

The new Clyde North fire station will be situated on the corner of Matterhorn Drive and Thompson Road in Clyde North.

It’s directly opposite a planned ambulance station, which will also be built on Matterhorn Drive.

The new fire station will be large enough to accommodate up to eight firefighters per shift and up to two appliances.

It will also feature space for training and drive-through bays.

“Melbourne’s outer suburbs are growing and expanding as is much of regional Victoria, and as a modern fire and rescue service, FRV is ensuring that we adapt our resources and response to reflect this,” Commissioner Block said.

“The acquisition of this land is a fantastic step forward for this project, which will mean that residents in the south east will continue to be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Ms Crugnale also labeled the announcement a “major step” for the community.

“With work due to start later this year, we are well on the way to delivering our commitment of providing more services for our local community,” she said.

“This is a growing community that needs a full suite of emergency services – we already have an ambulance station site, a fire station site and the 24 hour police station and Clyde CFA site will be announced soon,” she said.

Mr Edbrooke said having the station built as families move into the area – rather than after – was “what we should be doing”.

“It’s a strong example of how it should be done.”

As a former firefighter, he said it was good to see the ambulance and fire stations located so close to each other.

“We do work as one,” he said, adding the co-location of the services would allow emergency services to work together better.

Ms Richards said she was pleased to see the land revealed for the new station.

“I am delighted that Cranbourne, as one of the fastest growing communities in Victoria will be serviced by a state-of-the-art new fire station in Clyde North,” she said.

“Today’s announcement that land has been acquired fulfils our commitment to ensuing our community is protected.

“The announcement that the Victorian Government has acquired land in an area where young families are building their first homes and starting new lives is a matter of great pride and the result of terrific planning.”

Designs for the station are being finalised, with work expected to begin late in 2021.

The fire station is expected to be completed in mid to late 2023.