Caught on cam stealing garden lights

A car is seen on footage speeding off.

By Brendan Rees

A man dressed as a tradie has been twice caught on camera allegedly stealing solar lights from the front path of a home in Cranbourne East.

The first incident occurred in June when a brazen thief was seen walking past the house before taking a pathway light, which the resident said he initially dismissed as someone behaving stupidly and intoxicated.

The second incident unfolded on 11 August when the thieves allegedly pulled up in a white ute after curfew at 9pm before one got out and took off with a solar light.

The resident, who did not wish to be identified, said his closed-circuit television then caught the culprits speeding off in the car as if they whole act was planned.

He said he had noticed the lights missing about a week later as he reversed his car out of his driveway and discovered the theft on his cameras.

He said the value of the lights was of little concern, but hoped by sharing his story he could warn others to be vigilant.

“If they come and plan their way to get the lights they can even plan for a bigger thing,” he said, adding he couldn’t believe the culprits would risk a fine for breaking curfew conditions to steal lights worth about $20.

“It’s really concerning and feel bad to see where this world is headed to,” he said.

He described the man as caucasion in appearance, about 30 to 40 years old, 175cm tall, medium build, and wearing shorts and a shirt.

The resident said he intended to report the incidents to police.


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