Carolyn’s purrfect companions!

Carolyn Fields with her fostered cat.

By Brendan Rees

It’s always raining cats and dogs at Carolyn Fields’ home!

The RSCPA Pearcedale shelter volunteer has fostered almost 50 animals including guinea pigs, cats, and kittens – and only adopted one.

“Fostering has certainly changed my life,” she says. “After 35 years in retail pharmacy, it has been a welcome change of pace and focus, and I feel as though I have accomplished something really special.”

National Volunteer Weeks acknowledge the generous contribution people make to the community such as Ms Fields, who says caring for animals “is good for the soul”.

“There’s nothing quite like the feeling when your timid foster cat – or litter of kittens – come and snuggle down on your lap when you watch TV.

“And even though it’s always sad to see them go, I feel blessed that I was able to return a content and trusting cat who is impossible not to love,” she says.

Ms Fields says she’s learnt that animals are “so different” in the home environment, confidently running laps of the house and choosing the softest places to nap.

“That’s why every animal I return back to the RSPCA for adoption goes back with a laminated poster showing them relaxing in my home and explaining some of their unique characteristics.

“The poster hangs on the adoption cages and I’m positive it helps potential adopters picture the animal in their own home.

“Six of my last seven litters of kittens were adopted in pairs! That’s surely some sort of record and I’m really proud to be a part of the awesome team at Pearcedale who make that happen.”


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