All they want for Christmas is a home

Daniela Maslen with Ginna the cat. 188164_03. Picture: CATHERINE SMITH

By Brendan Rees

Living with two sets of clothing while looking after rescued cats for the past month, has not been easy for Daniela Maslen.

The 2nd Chance Cat Rescue founder and her husband are hoping they can turn their luck by Christmas after being left homeless in November.

The couple were ready to move into their new property in Cranbourne until the sale of their Hampton Park home had fallen through.

“Not knowing where you will be any day is a bit heartbreaking,” Ms Maslen said. “Our cats are not happy to be locked away in enclosures for four weeks.”

According to Ms Maslen, the buyers were “in the process of getting a loan together.”

The couple have now been told settlement will be on Wednesday 12 December however “nothing is confirmed in writing.”

Meanwhile, they have been living in accommodation in Harkaway with their personal belongings stored in semi-trailers.

“Our cars are packed to the max with all the belongings which did not fit into the semi-trailer,” Ms Maslen said.

“It’s quite strange when you are left with only a spare set of clothing and you have to make do with what you have.

“We never thought it would be this long. We thought it maybe three or four days.

“Cats can adjust quite well but I would feel awful if I would be locked away in a small room for four weeks,” she added.

Ms Maslen said she has been running her not-for-profit organisation with “great difficulties.”

“How do you run a business which needs access to a PC, internet and phone when nothing is available?

“I now have to use the Library PC’s and internet to do all my e-mails, and keeping the rescue afloat,” she said.

Christmas is the busiest time of year for 2nd Chance Cat Rescue with more than 100 cats and kittens in care, Ms Maslen said.

“This time we only have about 40 which means a lot of kittens may still be homeless.

“I would like to say a big thanks to all rescue groups who have come aboard and networked with 2nd Chance Cat Rescue to take in cats we were not able to accommodate.”

Calendars are a major fundraiser for 2nd Chance Cat Rescue during this time of year which can be purchased online at or the Pound Road Veterinary Clinic in Hampton Park.

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