Family looks to adopt grandparent

Sam and hubby Nathan Igoe with their children, Charlotte,4 and one-and-half-year-old twins Sophie and Bella. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

By Brendan Rees

The Igoe family feel blessed to have three beautiful children however there’s just one thing missing in their lives – a grandparent.

Sam and hubby Nathan Igoe say their kids’ grandparents aren’t actively present in their lives.

“Just knowing they’re around but choose not to take part or visit them is really sad and upsetting,” Sam says.

So, today the Hampton Park couple are looking to adopt a grandparent for their three girls, Charlotte, 3, and one-and-half-year-old twins Sophie and Bella.

Sam says knowing their kids’ lives – and their own, for that matter were missing a “special relationship” with a grandparent was “really tough.”

“I know that if my dad was still alive he would have been such a loving grandpa.”

Sam says she did some Googling and stumbled across a website called ‘Find a Grandparent.’

Find a Grandparent is a not-for-profit service for finding surrogate, volunteer grandparents. Once a family finds a suitable surrogate grandparent by conducting a profile search on the website, the family can then arrange to meet.

Sam and Nathan signed up to the program two months ago but “sadly we haven’t found any matches with grandparents.”

“We’re open to either a couple like a grandma and grandpa or if it’s just a single person as well, we don’t mind so long as they’re in it for the right reasons,” Sam said.

“It’s benefiting every one; I just really like that idea.”

Sam says her family loves day trips to the Melbourne Zoo and would love for their adopted grandparent to accompany them as well as participate in dinners, birthdays, reading books, craft activities, visiting the park, play board games and more.

“Once they get to know you, they will shower you with hugs,” Sam says.

“It may be a bit of trial and error but as long as you’re in it for the right reasons I believe it can have so many benefits for them, us and for the kids.”

The couple are hopeful someone will be interested in making a meaningful connection with their family.

“Just seeing that smile at the end of day that’s what it’s all about.”

Anyone interested in this role or who wish to register please visit

For enquiries contact Cate Kloos at


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