Be a superhero

Clyde Primary School is hosting a dress up fundraising day for Cody Wallace.

Clyde Primary School’s last day of this term is Friday 21 September and on this last day the school is encouraging students to dress up as their favourite super hero for a gold coin donation in aide of the Cody’s Paws For His Cause fundraiser.

Cody’s Paws For His Cause is a fundraiser to help raise money for a seizure alert dog for Cody Wallace.

Cody has had an extensive medical history, beginning his journey with the Royal Children’s Hospital before he was two years old, following a diagnosis of a choroid plexus papilloma (brain tumour) and hydrocephalous meaning fluid on the brain.

Since then Cody has had nine brain surgeries.

Early in 2017, Cody was diagnosed with hypothalamus dysfunction that inhibits his body’s ability to produce cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for the flight or fight response for the body, so if Cody is sick, loses consciousness, or breaks a bone, his body starts to shut down rather than fight to stay alive.

Since 2010, Cody has been battling epilepsy.

Cody’s brain is in a state of constant seizure activity that has been resistant to all medications and this has had a detrimental impact on his memory, cognition, ability to learn and gross and finer motor functions. He has suffered countless convulsive seizures that will not stop on their own, without medical intervention.

This assistance dog will never leave Cody’s side. As a constant and caring companion, the dog will be able to raise an alert when Cody has a seizure and stay with him during times of recovery. A seizure alert dog will save Cody’s life.

Cody is a fighter, he never gives up and is always ready to face a brand new day giving life all that he has got. “At Clyde Primary, we think possessing super hero qualities like Cody has is super cool,” school council member Courtney Goodman said.

“We know that inside of each of us we also have our own set of super hero qualities and so we are using our dress up day not only to show Cody how proud we are of him but also to celebrate all of the amazing things that make us special too.”

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