Q and A with Di Marsh

With Di Marsh, ballroom and Latin dance instructor with Heals and Souls Danceworld at the Balla Balla Community Centre

What got you interested in dancing and how are your dancing sessions going at the Balla Balla Community Centre?

I have danced with a passion since I was tiny. In childood just loved tap dancing and later jazz. Have danced ballroom since tje 1980s and have competed too. In Victoria. had to start from the beginning again with ballroom and latin, having moved here from Tasmania. Have had tremendous support from family, and also Balla Balla Community Centre. So far classes are going well. On Mondays I have one class with 15 names enrolled in it, and a second evening class on the same night will begin next term, so it’s all systems go!

What is something people don’t know about you?

I have done an Honours Degree in Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Tasmania, lectured and tutored there for 10 years – and then decided to concentrate on my dance teaching – a different kind of political exercise! Had a Ballroom and Latin studio in Launceston for 13 years, during which time I studied to be accredited in all styles with Dancesport Australia – and have now moved to Victoria.

What is the most memorable moment in your life?

Taking my Mum back to England after many years in Australia, to see all our relatives during 1998. Also on this trip travelled to Paris which was bedlam, as they had just won the World Cup! A very exciting time. They are on the cusp now of doing this again! In relation to Political Science studies, travelling to Canada in 2006 to do research on forestry issues, and interviewing candidates all over beautiful British Columbia.

What is your favourite television show?

The Poldark series on ABC TV. Never miss it!

Which AFL football team do you follow?

Brisbane Lions, who are purring at present, rather than roaring. I look forward to their next roar.

What is your favourite place to visit in Victoria?

Havent seen much of this great State as yet, but love so far Mt. Martha, the Mornington Peninsula, beautiful Berwick, and the very historic Cameo Theatre in Belgrave, built in (I think) 1932.

What is your favourite book?

So far, the Poldark series – there are twelve of them! But also loved Thorn Birds, and JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy (her first adult novel).

Do you have any pets?

Yes we have a beautiful black rescued Greyhound from GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program). Her name is Moon and is a real delight, with a very loving temperament. I am actually a cat person, but she seems to love me a lot anyway.

What do you work towards in your free time?

Keeping myself and family very healthy and happy. Also maintaining contact with old and valued friends everywhere, and nurturing new ones.

Where would your perfect holiday destination be?

Would enjoy going anywhere in the world but as I am a devoted Elvis fan from way back, hope to go to Memphis to visit Graceland and see the King.

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