Hard work pays off

Kaye Goold was part of the Hampton Park Division-2 midweek side that broke through for their first victory of the season over the Dandenong Club. 129771 Picture: CONTRIBUTED


HAMPTON Park’s hardest workers, the newly promoted Division 2 midweek team has received the rewards they have worked for, with a win over Dandenong Club.
Playing at Hampton Park, J. Slater, M. Baker, M. Battaglia and B. Nicol were the only losing rink, 16-23, while G. Graafsma, J. Damon, K. Goold and R. Woff were down by one shot at lunch (8-9), they dropped only one four after to win, 28-13. D. Carr, H. Naismith, R. Wood and K. Damon had a 20-to-one shot lead at lunch, finally relaxing to a 25-16 win.
Result: Hampton Park (2) 14-69 d Dandenong Club (2) 2-52.
Division 1 played at Dandenong Club, and had a disappointing 18-shot loss. J. Nunan, A. Westwell, N. Hendrie and C. Hendrie were the only winners, 21-16. G. Ampt, P. Hayden, D. Eastick and H. Lambert, struggled and only lost by 7 shots, 18-25, while S. Collins, J. Westwell, A. Brandolin and E. Smith lost 13-29.
Result: Dandenong Club (1) 14-70 d Hampton Park (1) 2-52.
The Division 2 team was at home to Cranbourne (2) needing a win, so the four-rink win that resulted was just what was needed to keep their season alive. S. Hatch, N. Hendrie, S. McDonald and K. Cobden won 20-17, and G. Ampt, J. Nunan, S. Micallef and S. Collins won 26-22. But the biggest winners were S. Barnes, C. Hendrie, A. Brandolin and W. Hardy winning 24-15 and S. Hardy, M. Paton, P. Hayden and Z. Storm winni9ng 30-14.
Result: Hampton Park (1) 18-100 d Cranbourne (2) 0-68.
Division 4 also played Cranbourne (4) at Cranbourne and the result was opposite to the higher grade team. C. Barnes, M. Battaglia, I. Bartlett and L. Simpson were the only winners, with a 27-19 routing, while A. Ottaway, T. Storm, D. Eastick and H. Lambert lost 13-15, H. Naismith, V. Kovacic, J. Van Hout and R. Woff lost 21-26 and R. Pallett, E. Smith, J. Westwell and G. Ladner lost 13-31.
Result: Cranbourne (4) 16-91 d Hampton Park (2) 2-74.
Division 6 went to Burden Park and had a good win overall with L. Soligo, B. Diaper, K. Goold and J. Collins the only losing rink, going down 13-17. Winning rinks were D. Carr, A. Westwell, J. Wright and B. Webb, 19-12, and G. Cox, R. Diaper, B. Nicol and I. Kitt, 21-16 while J. Sherry, G. Wilson, K. Damon and B. Holden scraped home 19-18.
Result: Hampton Park (3) 16-72 d Burden Park (4) 2-63.
Looking for their first win the Division-8 side played at home against Clayton, but it was not to be this week, with L. Unwin, W. Grimsey, R. Oost and C. Richards losing 11-15 and M. Baker, K. McCarthy, J. Damon and B. Pointon losing 15-26
Result: Clayton (6) 14-41 d Hampton Park (4) 0-26.