Thieves don’t take a holiday

WHEN the teachers are away the thieves will play.
Thieves stole a computer from Cranbourne Park Primary School last Friday.
The theft is the latest in a spate of burglaries from Cranbourne primary schools, in what police say has become an alarming trend.
A computer hard drive, worth about $1000, was stolen from one of the classrooms in the north wing of the school some time early on Friday morning.
Thieves also ransacked filing cabinets in the classroom.
It is unsure how they accessed the building.
Police said they found a door slightly ajar but locked from the inside.
Police said thefts at schools tended to occur more over the school holidays.
On 18 July, the first weekend of the school holidays, Courtenay Gardens Primary School was broken into for the fifth time in six months and two computer monitors were stolen.
Police said thieves had come back for the rest of their haul after stealing two computer hard drives the fortnight before.
Anyone with information about the thefts should contact Detective Sergeant Larry Grimshaw at Cranbourne CIU on 5995 4577.