Star-crossed lovers’ Shanghai surprise

HAILEYBURY College director of performing arts, Stewart Bell, promised spectacular Asian swordplay as the Capulets and Montagues sort out their differences in the Aikman Hall.
Mr Bell said the battle would take place in the school’s latest version of Romeo and Juliet, to be presented at the Keysborough campus, 855-891 Springvale Road, Keysborough, today and Friday.
“The eternal love story has been placed in the context of Shanghai in the 1930s,” Mr Bell said.
“Shanghai is a city divided by the clash between Western sensibilities and the traditional Chinese way of life. Sword fight scenes have been choreographed by a kung fu expert, and Haileybury ex-student and Olympic sabre contender, Justin Boughton, has given students guidance,” he said.
“All music performed during the play is original and played by students. Many of the costumes for the play were sourced from Shanghai.”
Haileybury students and brothers Will and James Cross play Romeo and Mercutio. Danny Nguyen plays Tybalt. Bookings can be made on 9213 2248.