Market sites back on agenda

A CRANBOURNE craft market is once again on the drawing board.
Casey Council passed a motion at Tuesday’s council meeting to help find a suitable location for a craft market in Cranbourne.
Council officers will liaise with Cranbourne North resident John Foley, who has been trying to find a site to set up a craft market in Cranbourne for some time, over the issue.
Mayfield Ward councillor Steve Beardon said Mr Foley was a local resident who had 15 years’ experience working and running markets.
He asked the council to see if there was any available council land that could be used for a Saturday market.
“The market could raise $50,000 to $100,000 to put back into the community,” Cr Beardon said. “Mr Foley is not looking to make a cent himself.”
Edrington Ward councillor Mick Morland said a craft market would be a fantastic idea in Cranbourne and he supported the council helping Mr Foley to facilitate a site.
Springfield Ward councillor Lorraine Wreford agreed, but said the search for a craft market site had been an ongoing process.
She said as much as council and residents wanted to have a craft market in Cranbourne, only suitable sites should be examined.
“We don’t want to be wasting time,” she said.
“Mr Foley was liaising with council officers last year and came up with a number of sites which were not suitable.”
Casey mayor Kevin Bradford said one of the sites suggested was the Cranbourne Racecourse, which he said was unsuitable as it could not be run on a consistent day because of scheduled race meets.