Friends star on TV

Malakai and Latrelle say their experience on the show was a once in a lifetime.

By Brendan Rees

Best friends from Cranbourne Malakai and Latrelle, both aged 11, are excited to be on national TV for slimy obstacle challenge.

Chosen from thousands of kids who auditioned, the pair made the first cut and will take on 11 other teams from around Australia and New Zealand in Nickelodeon Australia’s kids’ reality television series, Slime Cup.

Dubbed the ‘thunder mates,’ the duo wore their DIY costumes celebrating their favourite Nickelodeon program The Thundermans.

The boys will tackle a SpongeBob Square Pants inspired course, as a nod to Nickelodeon’s nautical world underwater with hopes of making it to the finals in their quest to take out the Slim Cup title.

“It was a huge surprise … It’s crazy because I’ve watched the show in previous years and never thought I’d be on it!” Latrelle said.

Malakai said they both felt nervous but were confident they would support each other.

“The best part about participating in Slime Cup was meeting all the other teams and competing in the Slime Arena. It was so much fun and a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Malakai said.

“I didn’t think we made it, so when mum got the phone call I was jumping up and down and so excited!”

The pair said their love of playing soccer had helped navigate their way on the slippery obstacle course which premiered on Monday, 1 July.

“Touching the slime was pretty awesome,” Latrelle said.

“Plus it was awesome because we got a mini holiday together,” Latrelle added.