By Casey Neill

Hoseah Partsch has one of the country’s highest selling singles and is going on a national tour with the Culture Club.
Not bad for an 18-year-old from Cranbourne West who auditioned for television talent contest The Voice to help his single mum and three siblings.
“I’m the happiest person right now,” he said.
“I’m just a normal kid from Melbourne trying to chase his dream and make a better future for his family.”
The Dandenong High School student finished in second place on The Voice grand finale on Sunday 2 July.
“I didn’t see myself coming this far. I’m just going to take it all in,” he said.
His single Paper Planes is sitting at number three on the iTunes chart, and on Wednesday 5 July Culture Club frontman Boy George announced he would join the band’s Australian tour.
It will kick off at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on 30 November.
Hoseah chose Boy George as his coach, after all four indicated they wanted him on their team.
“I did know of him, I didn’t know any of his music,” he admitted.
“I did know Karma Chameleon.
“I grew up listening to that song, but I didn’t know it was Boy George.
“On SingStar, me and my brother would always karaoke to that song.
“To get mentored by the person that wrote that song, it’s like ’What the hell’s happening?’.“
Boy George said he was “so very proud“ of Hoseah.
“He’s not only a wonderfully talented artist, he’s a fabulous guy with a big heart and I’m backing him,” he said.
In the finale, he joined Hoseah on stage to perform Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.
“We had rehsearsals and just rehearsing with him was giving me goosebumps,” Hoseah said.
“I’m honestly just truly blessed to have him as my mentor.
“I’m never going to forget that performance.”
He thanked the ’80s music icon on the show, and Boy George said he wasn’t going anywhere.
“I’m part of the family now,” he said.
Fellow coach Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child fame, was so impressed by Hoseah’s single she declared that she would buy it.
Hoseah also performed John Legend ballad All of Me, playing piano as he sang.
He said his family was proud of what he’d achieved.
“It just brings light to me that I get to see smiles on their faces,” he said.
“They said I’m a winner in their eyes and their hearts.”
He’s going to keep working hard and “push to get that house that my mum’s always wanted” and can’t wait to return to his classmates.
“During the competition, I was studying myself, I was getting through the stuff I needed to get through,” he said.
“I just want to make the most of my last year in school with my friends.
“When school finishes, I’m just going to write music.
“Music is going to be my everyday job.”
Dandenong High School principal Susan Ogden was blown away by Hoseah’s performances.
“The Dandenong High School community is incredibly proud of Hoseah, not just in what he has achieved but by the way he has achieved it,” she said.
“He has a quiet dignity, humility and he has stayed true to who he is despite the hype.
“He is an inspirational young man and we wish him well.”
Boy George and Hoseah Partsch perform What a Wonderful World

Hoseah Partsch performs All of Me

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