Blitz on illegal parking

Trucks will be the focus of a parking blitz in the City of Casey.

Casey Council has launched a crackdown to nab people breaching road safety rules and local laws over the next fortnight.

The blitz will focus on trucks and residential parking, including trucks parked in driveways and ensuring that drivers have the current permit that allows them to do so, which council says has become a “significant issue.”

Local Laws Officers will hone in on site line issues, unsightly issues and safety issues including the lack of reflectors at night, and the narrowing of roads. They will also clamp down on noise issues related to trucks starting their engines prior to 7am in residential areas.

In a statement council said “Parking in residential areas not only impacts the amenity of streets and neighbourhoods, it also creates issues of noise for adjoining properties, safety risks associated with poor visibility, and potential damage to underground infrastructure.”

Council enforces these laws based upon the number of complaints received from concerned residents.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett said council officers must conduct patrols such as these when safety issues were reported.

“Council must ensure that the safety of our residents, as well as other road users is not being compromised by people not following the rules,” he said. “As with our last blitz, we hope to find a high level of compliance.”

Council conducted a similar blitz in May following safety concerns, and as a result closed 22 customer requests and issued a total of six infringements. Each of these infringements were for trucks left in built up areas for more than one hour.

Other road related offences regarding breaches of the Road Safety Rules 2017 include:

• Abandoned vehicles

• Unregistered vehicles

• Cars parked over footpaths and driveways

• Cars parked facing the wrong direction

• Cars parked illegally on footpaths, reserves and nature strips

• Cars offered for sale in public areas

For more information on the Local Laws visit the Casey Council website or Road Safety Road Rules at 

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